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How Cizar Products work?

By employing enzymatic action, they effectively target fats, oils, and proteins, breaking them down into smaller, eco-friendly components. This approach ensures thorough cleaning while minimizing environmental harm, as harsh chemicals are avoided. With Cizar’s enzyme-based cleaners, you can achieve superior results while promoting a healthier planet.

Our Story

Founded in India by Kshitiz Chaudhary who wanted an alternative to regular cleaning products that would be safer for their families and our planet.

"Clean with Care Lighten Your Load, Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!"

Choose cleaning products that not only leave your home sparkling but also care for the planet. Our eco- friendly line
ensures a spotless clean without compromising the environment. With a commitment to reducing harmful chemicals
and carbon emissions, each product helps you minimize your carbon footprint while creating a safer, healthier home for you and your loved ones.

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