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Cizar Care Bio Septic


Cizar Hygiene Care Private Limited is a reputed name in the Hygiene care Product Industry, Providing Organic Products worldwide. Our products are not only Environment Friendly but also help to save the environment and our valuable Natural resources.
We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of bio-septic. Bio-Septic is used to clean tanks and Toilet pipes. It also opens the closed cloggers and prevents backflow from it. Our Bio-Septic Solutions has Enzymes that boost your compromised septic tank Eco-System from up to 100%
We are committed to making a better world for all and to obtain this goal, we are consistently making effort by offering these effective. We have an experienced and highly qualified group of Engineers who consistently work to make better infrastructure.


Product Information

  • NO Drain Blockage.
  • NO Drain Blockage.
  • NO Backflow from the toilet.
  • NO Backflow from the toilet. One go Lifetime solution.
  • Our Live Active Enzyme multiplies in Tank and Eats up and converts all organic matter (sludge, kitchen, and washroom waste, etc.) into the water which is the root cause of polluted water and Drain Blockage.
  • One single dose last for a lifetime no boosting dose is required (until we will kill enzymes by reducing or increasing pH level drastically or use of disinfectant)
  • Cizar Care Bio-Septic Contains Proprietary Consortium of Enzymes that can boost your compromised Septic Tank Eco-System up to 100%
  • Cizar Care Bio-Septic Convert all Sludge into Water & Mineral by Products which are not only Safe but also boost Ground Water Quality
  • Be especially careful not to Use household Cleaners Designed to kill Bacteria, Such as -Bleach, Acidic Cleaners, Hydrogen Peroxide, and even De-cloggers, they can also contaminate your community’s groundwater.
  • 80 billion Microbes in one 500ml Bottle


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