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Multi Purpose Cleaner With Enzyme


Cizar Care has one solution for all your Cleaning issues. Introducing Cizar care’s Multi-Purpose Cleaner with Enzymes. It is a perfect combination of Enzymes and natural Organic surfactants which results in an effective product. It can clean various types of surfaces Including-Floor, including Furniture, White Goods, etc. Our Multipurpose cleaner is enriched with enzymes which makes the surface bacteria-free. It has Rapid action Formula which instantly cleans the surface once it is applied and it also prevents stains to come again.
Now you don’t have to spend your money on buying costly Cleaning agents for Different surfaces as our Multi-purpose cleaner can clean various types of surfaces all in one product.

Product Information

  • Pack Size: 5 Litres & 500 ml
  • Fragrance: Lemon
  • How to Use: Mopping, Machine Scrubbing, Spray
  • Dilution:
  • 03- 05 ml/litre Water
  • Effective against
  • Gram Positive Bacteria
  • Gram Negative Bacteria
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Enveloped Virus
  • Non-Enveloped Virus
  • Suggestible area of usages:
  • All Types of Floor , Furniture , White Goods


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