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Tap And Tile Cleaner

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Say goodbye to harmful cleaning products and switch to our eco-friendly Tap & Tile cleaner, certified by Green Pro for its environmentally conscious formula.

Cizar Hygiene cares privately limited is the leading Manufacturer and supplier of Effective and Best Quality Tap & Tile Cleaners. We offer Effective Tap and Tile cleaner which you can use to make your Tiles and Taps Looks Clean as new. Our Tap and Tile Cleaner Not only cleans the surface of the tile but also removes stains from it. It can remove almost all types of stains including Lime scales (watermarks), Grease stains, Rust stains, Acid Stains, etc.
You can clean various types of surfaces and objects through our Tap and Tile cleaner Including- Taps, Dishwashers, Bain Marries, Boilers, Streamers, Tea and Coffee urns, and many more. To make your Home Equipment and Tiles New, use our effective and long-lasting Tap and Tile Cleaner.

Product Information

  • Recommended Dilution:
  • Normal Soil: 50:50 ml/ Litre.
  • Heavy Soil: Ready to Use.

Pack Size: 500 ML.



Cizar care Tap & Tile Cleaners is a certified eco-friendly and green Tap & tile cleaner. It effectively removes stains such as Lime scales, Rust stains, and Paan Gutkha stains. With our Tap and Tile cleaner, you can easily clean various surfaces and objects including Taps, tiles, Dishwashers, Bain Marries, Boilers, Streamers, Tea and Coffee urns, and more. Experience the effectiveness and long-lasting results of our Tap and Tile Cleaner to give your Home Equipment and Tiles a fresh new look.

How To Use



  • Normal Soil: 50:50. (equal quantity with water)
  • Heavy Soil: Ready to Use.

Using our natural tap and tile cleaner is simple and effective. Follow these steps for optimal results:

  1. Normal Soil: For regular cleaning tasks, dilute 50:50 with water.
  2. Heavy Soil: When dealing with stubborn stains or heavy soil buildup, use the cleaner at full strength. There’s no need to dilute it further. Simply apply the cleaner directly to the affected area.
  3. Application: Apply the diluted or full-strength cleaner to the surface you wish to clean. Use a sponge, cloth, or scruber to spread the solution evenly across the surface.
  4. Scrubbing: For tough stains or heavily soiled areas, scrub the surface gently with a brush or scrubbing pad to help loosen dirt and grime.
  5. Rinsing: After cleaning, rinse the surface thoroughly with water to remove any remaining cleaner residue.
  6. Drying: Allow the surface to air dry or use a clean cloth to wipe away excess moisture.

By following these instructions, you can effectively clean tap and tile surfaces using our natural cleaner, whether you’re dealing with normal soil or heavy buildup.



Acetic Acid (15% – 20%): Acetic acid is also known as ethanoic acid, ethylic acid, vinegar acid, and methane carboxylic acid. Acetic acid is a byproduct of fermentation, and gives vinegar its characteristic odor. Vinegar is about 4-6% acetic acid in water. –

Citric Acid (5% – 10%): Citric acid is an organic compound. It is a colorless weak organic acid. It occurs naturally in citrus fruits. In biochemistry, it is an intermediate in the citric acid cycle, which occurs in the metabolism of all aerobic organisms. –

Hydrogen Peroxide (5% – 10%): Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful oxidizing agent commonly used as a disinfectant and bleaching agent. It helps kill bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, making it an effective cleaner and sanitizer.

Digital Water (60% – 75%): It could refer to distilled water or purified water, which is commonly used as a solvent or diluent in cleaning formulations.

Overall, this combination of ingredients suggests a cleaning solution that is effective at removing dirt, stains, and microbial contaminants from surfaces, while also providing disinfection and sanitization properties.


1. Is cizar care tap & tile cleaner effective for removing stubborn stains like soap scum and hard water deposits?
– Yes, cizar care tap and tile cleaner is formulated to effectively break down and remove tough stains without the need for harsh chemicals. It’s natural ingredents work efficiently to lift and dissolve grime, leaving surfaces sparkling clean.
2. Is cizar care tap & tile cleaner safe to use on different types of tile materials, such as ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone?
– Absolutely! Cizar care  tap & tile cleaner is gentle yet effective and safe for use on various tile surfaces. Whether it’s ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone, you can trust that these cleaners will effectively clean without causing any damage or discoloration.
3. Can cizar care tap & tile cleaner help prevent the growth of mold and mildew in bathroom fittings?
– Yes, cizar care tap & tile cleaner contains ingredients that inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. By regularly cleaning with cizar care tap & tile cleaner , you can help prevent the buildup of these unsightly and potentially harmful substances in your bathroom fittings.
4. Do cizar care tap & tile cleaner leave behind any residue or chemical odor after cleaning?
– Yes, cizar care tap & tile cleaner leave behind vinegar odor as it is one of the ingredients. You’ll enjoy the fresh and clean scent of natural ingredients, providing a healthier and more pleasant cleaning experience.
5. Is cizar care tap & tile cleaner environmentally friendly?
– Yes, cizar care tap & tile cleaner is made from biodegradable and eco-friendly ingredients.It is green pro certified.


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